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Lets pretend that things never change...

The Christine's were nt able to come to my lock-in. Which frnakly sucked. Because I haddrive to Tallahassee to meet ile half way and then drive  her the rest of the way down. So basically I went home and back. But it was worth it to see Kylie. We had a lot of fun together at the  sleep over. and Kylie got a tattoo from a creepy man.

The girls were hilarious at the lockin,... little Lexie's funny faces, Rachel (Kylie's new best friend) and her randomness, push up queen, staying up till 5 ya, i got no sleep, i woke up at 6.

Waiting at Mango Mangos for 2 hours = lame

Then drove back to Tallahassee came home to take photos for cheerleading...

busy weekend.

I had an interview on Tuesday, I hope  get the job. It would be beyond perfect

Mar. 6th, 2008

SO I was really excited about this weekend.... Aaron, Hannah and Kylie were coming to see me and be my guest coaches at a lock-in for the all star girls,..... but sadly my excitement vanishes with a phone call. Aaron can't come. =( But Hannah and Kylie and the whole Christine gang are coming! That will be a blast. But I am still really sad that Aaron won't be there because people at his work are ass holes

I have been working on a paper for my Ethics and Law class, almost done! woo-woo

Also, my parents and amelia and james are going to Africa.... Egypt and now GERMANY. Yes, that is right my 9 and 10 year old siblings are going to more places than I have ever been. SUCKS.

Cheer practice tonight, we are working on 360 show n gos. Very nice. =) ok peace


Just got done with cheerleading practice, and it was great . We had two new girls come, so now it's up to 22 girls.

The avon lady put off picking up the order AGAIN...

At practice we did fulls from ext and lib hitches, so even though it is still the basics, I am soo proud of them.

Now I have to write a law and ethics paper .


Last few hours were very stressful,... and I need to vent....

I just spent 2K + in cheerleading gear for my girls, and I am reviewing the charges and see they charged me 700 dollars over, so I was on the phone with the bank and the cheer company and we are reaching the most stressful point in the conversation when my phone dies... i try to charge it and the charger won't fit in from were I dropped it the other day... so i am sitting and crying in the hallway and Chris' birthday present comes (which he has no idea what it is = hilarious) and cowboy freaks out so i leave to take the present to put in Laura's apt., and come back a little calmer and then finally settle the issue, even though it won't really be settled till Monday.... and then I realize Chris will be home in 20 min and I had laundry and dishes to do, so i ran around the house cleaning .... and my mom keeps calling and i can't answer because I am stressed out as it is and i don't want to hear about their great EGYPT vacation....     LONGEST RUN ON SENTENCE EVER!!!!!

But I am getting less stressed out now, Chris is out picking up a movie and dinner, and I feel bad because he had our night all planned out but all I wanna do is stay in, but I will make it up to him.


Last night was cheerleading practice and we had three new girls come, and they all can tumble, so we have 20 girls on the team. Now all the fliers are full cradeling, they are hitting their libs and now we are perfecting basket tosses. Once we have all the basics down we will start learning the fun stunts!

Next weekend we are having a lock-in/ mini-clinic with the girls, and Kylie, Hannah and Aaron are going to be my guest coaches! I can't wait! I miss them so much, and I know my girls will love them... especially Aaron,.. hahahaha

Tonight is date night with Chris. It is his turn to plan it, so I have no idea what we are doing. But, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Right now I am so sad at my mom and dad because they are going on the coolest vacation ever this year..... freakin' EGYPT. Yea, when I was Amelia and James age we went to Colorado, not EGYPT. So, yea, they stink. And, they are going on a mission trip to AFRICA with AMELIA AND JAMES!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I know I'm all married and "grown-up" but I still wouldn't mid a good trip to EGYPT


And the sucky thing is that I can't tell them I'm mad because i am all "grown-up"

Oh well,... I'm going to the Bahamas again in May and they aren't..... I am so petty.

I hope they have fun... and when I go to Japan, I'm not inviting them.

I'm back....

So, after 2+ years of not messing with this thing, I remembered it's existence. Reading old post made me nostalgic about our senior year. And after reviewing my old post, I have come to the conclusion that I was an emotional sap.., and I still am. I love reading all those crazy and intense emotions I felt at 17/18. It is amazing how we change in such a short amount of time.

Something I also found very interesting is that my last entry was about celebrities getting married young and how we didn't need to do that... ha, well here I am a 21 year old wife! (BTW the best thing in the world)

Well, since I am recommitting myself to the livejournal world, let's do a quick update:

*Graduating in 2 months with a liberal arts degree in communication track public relations with 2 minors in psychology and advertising
*Got married almost 7 months ago to the love of my life and my best friend
*Started an all star squad that is about to break up into 2 teams
*Will possibly asst. coach Flagler College cheerleaders next year and coach St.Joseph's Academy football cheerleaders
*Getting ready for Chris' birthday in 16 days
*Interning for Low+Tritt (advertising agency www.lowandtritt.com)
*Have an amazing and smart and lovable dog Cowboy that takes up half our bed and we are getting a new puppy (a shitzu) named Bear in about 3.5 weeks!

Now that we are all caught up on my life in the past 2 years I can just spew about my day...

We just got done doing a fundraiser with Avon for our all star uniforms (they will be super cute too!) and getting those forms organized was a pain in the butt! I feel like I'm the accountant, manager, sister, coach and owner of this squad, it's a lot... but I love it!

Also, last night Chris and I went to a new Bible study and it was so nice. I have been so engulfed in my life that I have almost push God out of it, I hardly ever read my Bible and even though Chris and I go to church every Sunday, I feel like I do it sometimes just because he is in the praise band... and that is not how it should be.

Any way,.... this is a really really long post..... I wonder if even 1/2 of you still do this thing..... I hope you do

We have all star practice tonight, so I'll let you know how that goes. But as of now we have 1 girl with a full, another working on her full (until she fractured her shin) and 6 girls working/have their standing tuck and 12/17 have their stand b/h,... so I think that is good for a brand new squad, we only started practicing Jan 22nd.

Ok, now I am done. =)

Everyone, including me, is trying to define what love is.
Why are we all so desperate to define this four letter word? Is it so we can recognize it when we have it? Is it so we know what qualifications love posses, so we can be on a look out?
My mom gave me some useful advice, and I will pass it on now. She told me not to let society make me feel old. Because most of the markets are targeted towards the highschool years. Most celebrities are getting married in their early twenties and having kids soon after. But remember, you don't have to accomplish everything before you are thirty. That is not a rule.
So Maybe what we really are doing is not trying to define love, but to find it. Maybe we are trying to find it because we think that this is what college is for. But maybe we are wrong. I may not find true love until I am in my work force.
Then again, I don't want to have to "find it" That makes it sound like I am on an eternal look out for this meteor called love to hit me.
I don't care what love is.
When I see it I will know... right?
Gosh I hope so

Sep. 29th, 2005

Ok Beloved! I have a new number!!! If you love me AT ALLL call me at 904-827-0440!!!

I love you guys

Sep. 11th, 2005

well, for those of you interested I tried out for cheerleading and I made the squad!

We have had two practices and guess what I my posession is on the squad....

BACK SPOT!! All 5'2 of me on my tippytoes holding a lib, its great though, I love being a back spot.

But yesterday went to Orlando and I saw JO!!! YAY! It was soo great seeing someone from home. But it was a blast, we went to this club Roxy... yea it was definately alot of fun!

I love you guys and thanks to everyone who encouraged me to try out! XOXOX
So im thinking about not trying out for cheerleading... I have 2 hours to make up my mind. I dont know what to do.



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